Experienced Data Scientist and Software Engineer


What I do

Things I'm skilled at and passionate about.

Machine Learning

Experienced in building Machine Learning models to solve real problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Passionate about AI. I work on NLP, Document Classification, Commonsense Reasoning etc

API Integration & Development

REST and API integration.
REST API development with Javascript and Django restframework.

Web Application Development

Building responsive applications with Python, Django and Javascript

Cloud Integration

Deployment of Django apps and databases to leading cloud platforms such as Heroku and Amazon AWS.

Deep Learning

Experienced with Deep Learning and implementing Neural Nets with tensorflow and keras.


My works.

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Data Visualisation Web Application

this is an awesome full stack web application using Python, Django, Django RestFramework and JavaScript.

This web applicaton visualizes data of the Senegalese market. It uses Machine Learning and AI algorithms in the backend

Visite site

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Artificial Intelligence Research

This is my research thesis for my master degree in Big Data and Computer Security. This project sought to solve the problem of Commonsense Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence. Neural Network was used in conjunction with Language Models to build a model that is capable of differentiating a correct sentence from a wrong sentence based on common sense.

This research is on the pipeline to being published in an international scientific journal.

See paper here

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Chat Bot

In this project I built a Chat Bot and integrated it in Django web app.

It involves Machine Learning and Reenforcement Learning.

Visite repo

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CRUD web application

In this project, I sought to introduce to new developers the best place to start. I therefore built a CRUD application using Python and Django. A user is able to create, delete, edit and view a post

It is available on Github.

See how I did it

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Online Learning Platform

This platform gives the ability to learn courses online. I was part of the team that built this platform

Try it out and you will not be the same.

Visite site

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Document Classification Web Application with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

This application helps classify documents based on the category they fall into.

A Machine Learning algorithn is used to classify any new document that is uploaded and the application allows search for a document by key word or by category.

Will be active Soon

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E-commerce multi-vendor platform

This platform gives you the ability to create your online shop, sell and buy online goods.

I can build things like these and solve more complex problems.

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About Me

Who is John Bagiliko?

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John Bagiliko (MSc.)

ML | AI | DL | Python | R | Django |Javascript | Java | C++ | NLP

John holds an MSc. in Mathematical Sciences (Big Data and Computer Security) from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Senegal. He has successfully undergone training in the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science.
He is a Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Superfluid Labs.
John is the country Ambassador for Zindi in Ghana, and the co-founder and team lead at AI Ghana
He is passionate about mathematics and the use of technology in solving real world problems.
He has over 2+ years experience working with Data Science, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. He has about 2+ years experience developing applications from scratch with Python, Django and Javascript.
Below you'll find a list of some of his skills:

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+233 20 874 0869 / +233 55 322 6200


PR/KL 188, Prampram, Accra, Ghana